A brief
history of Astarted

Astarted has some history of walking the path. This includes planning of Astarted, initiatives to implement the plan, as well as variable implementation. All this history inspires Astarted to move forward.

Today Present
Develop Technology

Present this brand is coming with IT & Consulting service with great success all over the world.

November 2021
Lead generation

Astarted world wide service is working hard to create a new generation around the world through IT and consulting.

December 2020

Overcoming many obstacles this IT & consulting brand is almost at the final stage of creation.

March 2019

Extreme confidence and widespread success help us take our IT & Consulting brand one step further.

July 2018
Brand Research

We always start brand research extensively with new experiences for a better IT platform.

April 2017
Journey Inspired

Advent of technology all around has inspired the addition of new technologies to the global market.


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