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Engineering technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish

World wide our ecological system is clashing with human and industrial growth. Crucial steps need to be taken, to save our shared habitat and biosphere. We need to work towards an ecosystem that can fulfill the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations. Astarted pledge to adopt an expanded sustainability framework to meet this vision.

Sustainability permeates our value structure. Sustainability is an integral part of the Astarted culture and strategy and has been since its inception. Our dream and vision for a sustainable world extends beyond Astarted Minds and their families to our customers, partners, suppliers and vendors. So sustainability becomes real and a critical part of every decision we make.

The Astarted approach to sustainability

Our approach to company sustainability is drawn from our mission that we engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish. For us that sustainability is a business imperative, which aims to create and maintain the necessary conditions under which people, the planet and our profits coexist in productive coherence. This framework enables us to adopt an expanded spectrum of values that will lead the way to measure traditional economic parameters along with environmental and social success.

Astarted is realistic approach to sustainability is built on the principles, processes, practices and services of the triple bottom line: people, the planet and profit.

Ecological sustainability

Ecological sustainability is one of the key pillars of astarted is sustainability framework. With the increasing centrality of issues such as climate change, energy security and water stress, we recognize environmental risks and the importance of managing our impact on the environment. We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations through resource conservation practices, efficient energy management, water efficiency, sustainable waste management and by engaging astarted minds as evangelists.

Governance and advocacy

Astarted is values are very fabric of the enterprise and have been integrated into every system and process. We conduct ourselves with the highest standards of integrity and are transparent in our professional transactions and dealings that may impact the place of work.

We comply with all applicable - local, national and international laws, regulations, codes of practice and directives and conduct our business operations with honesty and integrity. Astarted pledges itself to be transparent about our progress on sustainability and our stated goals with all stakeholders through various reporting forums.

Workplace sustainability

Astarted believes in a non-discriminatory environment that promotes equal employment practices, health, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion. With an occupational health and safety management in place we encourage and maintain a safe work environment by providing fair working conditions to all Astarted Minds. Astarted recognizes social responsibility as an integral part of its company citizenship. We commit to support and nurture societies through innovative solutions to satisfy evolving needs of the society.

The company sustainability policy and targets for the coming years have been articulated to systematically address the sustainability challenges.

Diversity & Inclusion

Being a global organization on the cutting-edge of technology, talent and workforce diversity is integral for business success. As an equal opportunity employer, we work with a non-discriminatory practice that respects and values the workforce and with those we do business with. Embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce gives us an innovative, creative, competitive and more productive edge.

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